EnergyComms. We are here with you.

The search for energy resources takes onshore and offshore exploration and production into ever more remote regions and harsher environments. In these locations, far beyond the reach of terrestrial communications, energy companies rely on Thuraya mobile satellite communications for voice and high-speed data links to keep their people, systems and facilities connected.

Wherever the search for resources takes your team, you can depend on Thuraya EnergyComms to boost effectiveness in the field, through voice calls, fax, SMS and Internet services. For full, affordable business connectivity, use Thuraya to support SCADA monitoring, security feeds, field-to-field co-ordination, location and geological reporting, as well as remote asset tracking.

Keep your employees connected to their colleagues and families with Thuraya’s satellite network, and ensure production keeps up with global demand. Simplicity is key: there’s no need for specialized training to establish fast and secure communications.

Price packages are tailored to reflect volume and budget requirements, whether you’re a large corporation or a small team, making Thuraya among the most cost-effective solutions available. Thuraya works closely with hardware partners to provide a range of approved applications that answer the demands of today’s digital oilfield, ensuring gain maximum value for your communications.


Compression & Optimization

Streamlined data exchange for speedy connectivity

Critical Communications

When saving lives, ‘no’ is never an option


We take communication security seriously


M2M technology for 24/7 remote monitoring ease

Maritime Internet & Data Management

Comprehensive onboard, ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore communications

Office On the Move

Mobility helps you work smarter

Secure VPN

Secure and private communication, wherever you go

TETRA over Satellite OR Radio over Satellite

Robust radio communication systems in a jiffy

Tracking & Monitoring

Instant data collection from remote assets

Two-way Video Communications

Join your team anywhere under the sun

Video Conferencing

Real-time mobile video collaboration made faster

Video Streaming

Remote operation success via real-time streams

Video Surveillance

Monitoring missions made easy and secure

Voice Over IP

Inexpensive voice and video calls over internet