Join your team anywhere under the sun

Like all long-distance communication technologies, two-way video communication cuts down the need to travel to bring people together. The technology contributes to reductions in carbon emissions besides generating considerable savings in time and money.

Thuraya enables you to make the connection wherever you are. All leading two-way video communication solutions fully utilize the uplink and downlink of our streaming IP data channel to deliver quality output.

The web compression capabilities significantly reduce page load time and allow for quicker email exchanges, enabling time-sensitive data to be transferred with efficiency for mission success. Optimized link bonding further allows real-time HD video streaming by balancing the stream over multiple links, while encryption and VPN capabilities ensure that all communication is carried out over a secure, private network.

The core technology used in a two-way large group video conferencing system is digital compression of audio and video streams in real time. There are many off-the-shelf hardware and software solutions that can be used for video conferencing over the Thuraya network. Hardware-based solutions deliver quality video with high performance, using a dedicated built-in processor and integral features to deliver quality video. Software-based solutions are designed for both PC and Mac platforms, and rely on the CPU power of your computer, and the other applications you are running at the time of the conference.

Welcome to a connected life, courtesy Thuraya!