• Connectivity Voice, fax, data and SMS services

Available for the following sectors

  • Energy Comms
  • Enterprise Comms
  • Government Comms
  • Leisure Comms
  • Media Comms
  • Relief Comms


The Thuraya PCO-2110 is a public calling office that offers seamless and advanced communication services over Thuraya’s powerful satellite network.

Thuraya PCO-2110 makes voice, fax, data and SMS services available for users who are unable to afford satellite handsets but require telecommunications services — communities that would otherwise be isolated can interact with the rest of the world. Charges for these services are according to specified PCO rate plans, and the PCO is designed to meter outgoing calls and produce a printout with call details and charges.

With Thuraya PCO-2110, you can leverage a user-friendly public telephone service station to make domestic and international telephone calls, send and receive SMS messages, and even browse the internet. In addition, Thuraya PCO-2110 is designed with multiple-language interface options to support Arabic, English, French, Farsi, Russian and Urdu languages.

The Thuraya PCO-2110 provides a valuable channel of connectivity to enable people in rural communities and remote regions to keep in touch with the rest of the world. Offering seamless communication services, Thuraya PCO-2110 makes voice, fax, data and SMS services available in a user-friendly way.


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