Global coverage
  • Weight 1kg
  • Size 230mm x 197mm x 24mm

Available for the following sectors

  • Energy Comms
  • Enterprise Comms
  • Government Comms
  • Leisure Comms
  • Media Comms
  • Relief Comms
Powerful global coverage with unrivalled flexibility

Thuraya VSAT+

Our latest MarineComms service, Thuraya VSAT+ meets today’s mounting vessel management needs with simplicity. This integrated platform transforms marine connectivity by increasing offshore bandwidth capabilities, and effectively caters to all vessel types and maritime budget requirements.

The VSAT+ operates as a fixed-price package, combining resilience, high data speeds, quasi-global coverage, flexibility and affordability. Customers demand more than connectivity these days. They want to reduce operating expenses without compromising operational efficiency. Thuraya VSAT+ ensures that every single stakeholder in the value chain delivers the best solution and value to the end customer.

What's Offer

  • Maritime service A secure, integrated maritime service
  • High bandwidth Increased bandwidth capabilities
  • Installation Easy installation & troubleshooting
  • Maximum efficiency Maximum efficiency at reduced costs
  • Strong maritime alliance A strong maritime alliance provided by Thuraya, ITC Global, iDirect & Hughes

How it works

VSAT+ merges Ku-Band VSAT and L-Band services to deliver one robust platform, backed by an extensive network. It uses iDirect for the key VSAT, complemented either by a Cobham or Intellian antenna. The L-Band back-up is provided by our resilient and best-selling Orion IP, developed by Hughes. The flexibility of the resource allocation of the L-Band together with the reach of the Ku-Band make Thuraya VSAT+ the best-in-class maritime solution, delivering high throughput services for smart connections at sea.

Key applications

Office-At-Sea | Crew Welfare | Vessel Databases | Cargo Manifest | Crew Training | Maintenance Reports | Chart & Software Updates | Cargo Conditions Reporting


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