Mobility helps you work smarter

Agility and flexibility are at the heart of a successful business enterprise.

Our smart satellite technology helps you put mobility at the center of your organization. Free your people to work anywhere. We help your teams stay connected with mobile web and Wi-Fi to keep working on the move – even when they are outside terrestrial telecom networks. We make sure they have secure access to everything they need – information, internet, business apps, collaboration tools – from any device, anywhere, at any time.

Technology can be liberating if it is allowed to be. Thuraya is easy to understand. From site visits to service frontlines, from the road or, from distant workplaces – your people can get on and deliver what your organization needs. Wherever their work takes them. Thuraya’s mobile broadband, BYOD and IoT applications provide constant connectivity to the internet, which are crucial for business operability.

We bring you reliable and smart ICT solutions from our partners that are certified for use on Thuraya network. They include ways to increase your automation, telematics, accessibility to cloud networks besides improving how your teams collaborate. Our mobile and broadband networks work across a single integrated platform, which means we can provide you with converged access to multiple services both on and off your premises.

Smarter working makes people more productive and engaged, plus organizations more efficient and agile. We help you reach there!