Real-time mobile video collaboration made faster

Innovative communications and collaboration tools are critical for organizations with teams in far-off locations like upstream exploration sites, ships, downstream refineries, disaster zones, news hotspots and trading zones. For conferences involving large groups or, for those in venues with little or no connectivity, Thuraya satellite video conferencing is the answer. We help your work groups in different time zones and locations collaborate like everyone is in the same room.

Send/receive HD video, record/playback conferences, support large groups using video solutions integrated with Thuraya’s satellite network. Our solution partners have decades of satellite truck and video conference experience, plus unparalleled expertise in broadcast quality video.

With Thuraya satellite video conferencing you can:

Do live presentations; Collaborate with teams from multiple sites; Avail of value-added services to enhance the corporate video conference experience; Get instant input from local and remote audiences; Share rich content including PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets and video; Enable web-streaming; Conduct individual and group chats on disparate platforms; Integrate with codec video conferencing systems; Enable High Definition video production and broadcast; Conduct videoconferencing over IP using desktop or laptop computers and simple camera/microphone units.

Thuraya helps you boost productivity and improve global team collaboration – allowing you to keep an eye on operational costs.