One of the most successful satellite phones of all time
  • Size 128 x 53 x 27mm
  • Weight 193g

Available for the following sectors

  • Energy Comms
  • Enterprise Comms
  • Government Comms
  • Leisure Comms
  • Media Comms
  • Relief Comms

What's Inside

  • Long battery life Up to 6 hours talk-time, up to 80 hours standby time
  • Protection Splash water, dust resistant and shock proof


The Thuraya XT has been designed to meet your mobility requirements in the harshest of environments. The phone is a favored by a wide range of users including adventurers and corporate users for its portability.

Thuraya’s XT satellite handset features a glare-resistant display with a high contrast menu to ensure you can read what’s on the screen even when you’re in direct sunlight.

For uninterrupted signal during non-stationary calls, offering a ‘walk-and-talk’ experience, the XT satellite phone features an advanced omni-directional antenna.

The Thuraya XT’s dependable, durable battery provides up to 6 hours talk-time and up to 80 hours standby time. A brightness sensor for the display also reduces battery consumption.

The Thuraya XT satellite handset’s GmPRS capability means users can easily access the internet in satellite mode. Browse the web with your laptop or PC from wherever you are.

Along with an Emergency function, the XT has an Organizer which includes a calendar, world time and alarm clock functions.

The Thuraya XT satellite phone works with a Thuraya SIM card or with GSM SIM cards available from more than 300 of our roaming partners.

The Thuraya XT was our flagship product for many years and is the basis for the current models Thuraya XT-LITE and Thuraya XT-PRO. The XT was built on Thuraya’s standards of unwavering quality and reliability, and combined its advanced phone functionality with the dependability of the Thuraya satellite network.


Solar Chargers

When you’re in a remote location and have no access to electricity you’ll still be able to charge your XT with our solar charger.

Travel Charger

The travel charger connects your phone to a mains socket. The exchangeable plug allows you to charge your phone in most parts of the world.

Car Charger

You’ll never find yourself out of power with the XT car charger.

USB Data Cable

With a USB data cable you can connect the Thuraya XT to a PC or laptop to access the Internet or to upgrade your XT software.


With an Indoor Repeater, you can use the Thuraya XT in indoor environments. It comes with external antennas and transmits the Thuraya network signal into the room where satellite coverage is unavailable.


An additional battery serves as a backup for the Thuraya XT and extends usage time when there is no access to electricity.

Vehicle Docking Kit

Ensures reliable satellite services while on the go, with built-in loudspeaker and microphone for easy hands-free communications


Suitable for use at home and in the office, the FDU-XT lets you use the Thuraya XT like a desktop phone in an indoor setting.

External Handset Antenna

For improved satellite signal reception when used on the move (e.g. in boats or cars) or in areas at the edge of the Thuraya coverage.


Waterproof your Thuraya handset with a submersible Aquapac! Safely protect your Thuraya phone from water, dust, dirt, snow, sand, oil and whatever else you might encounter.

Accessories Brochure

Update your Thuraya phone with the latest accessories. View our brochure.


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