Instant broadcast-quality transfers from distant locations

When it comes to efficient connectivity on-the-go, Thuraya constantly delivers leading-edge solutions through superior partner services that run on our uninterrupted satellite network. Remote and/or spread-out operations within the Energy, Government, Relief, Enterprise and Media sector rely on high-speed broadband access for the transfer of large assets without a compromise on security and data quality. With advanced VPN capabilities that also provide accelerated link management and compression, Thuraya enables optimized data exchange with cost efficiency and flexibility.

Our certified solutions are specifically tailored to meet the broadcast demands of international news agencies and promise a simple solution for correspondents on-location. With IP bonding capabilities of many different connections, Thuraya packs the power of an SNG truck into a backpack and ensures the delivery of HD - live or delayed - video streams from remote news sites to studios. The solutions balance the streams across multiple channels, require no additional encoder hardware and automatically adapts to the networks’ performance, promising an easy, steady transmission of data at the highest quality. End-users are further able to customize with the availability of larger transmission bandwidths, making Thuraya a go-to for seasoned journalists on the frontlines of breaking news coverage.