It’s Your World. Your Phone. Your Call.
  • Size 221 x 176 mm
  • Voice call Yes
  • Fax call Yes

Available for the following sectors

  • Energy Comms
  • Enterprise Comms
  • Government Comms
  • Leisure Comms
  • Media Comms
  • Relief Comms

What's Inside

FDU-XT Device
  • Voice call External telephone connection, Auxiliary handset connection
  • Fax call External G3 fax connection
  • Power Universal AC/DC power supply: 110 - 240V; Input power DC 12V/24V/34V


Supports high-quality voice transmissions via an auxiliary handset, speakerphone or any analog extension telephone

Charges the satellite phone while docked in the cradle

Supports GmPRS services with a USB port or DTE

Supports circuit switched data service at speeds of up to 9.6 kbps

Supports selected Group3 analog fax machines and PC fax at speeds of up to 9.6 kbps

Supports PABX connection

The FDU-XT is a home and office docking adaptor that allows you to use Thuraya XT and XT-PRO satellite phones indoors. Simply set up the antennas, dock the XT or XT-PRO into the cradle and start enjoying satellite phone connectivity immediately.

Easy to install and operate, the FDU-XT supports Voice, Data and Fax transmissions. It comes complete with satellite and GPS antennas with 25m cables to ensure seamless satellite connectivity.


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