M2M technology for 24/7 remote monitoring ease

Thuraya partners with third-party suppliers of M2M- and SCADA-based services to provide superior IoT and telemetry solutions suited for our Government, Military, Energy, Enterprise and Relief customers. Connected to Thuraya’s IP broadband terminals and operable via our extensive L-band satellite network, the solutions use multi-processor architecture for swift and efficient tracking and monitoring, and critical data transfer from several assets in remote locations to one central hub.

Thuraya’s telemetry solutions provide round-the-clock monitoring in areas that do not have fixed infrastructure or may have ongoing work that is unattended. These applications are ideal for setting up wireless peripheries and stealth detection at borders or protected zones, as the sensors can identify ground vibrations and instantly notify HQ of any intrusion. Advanced algorithms also measure these vibrations to further notify the end-user of who or what has crossed the pre-defined border - people, animals or vehicles - and at what point.

The web compression capabilities significantly reduce page load time and allow for quicker email exchanges, enabling time-sensitive data to be transferred with efficiency for mission success. Optimized link bonding further allows real-time HD video streaming by balancing the stream over multiple links, while encryption and VPN capabilities ensure that all communication is carried out over a secure, private network.