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Thuraya Aero is an in-flight connectivity and data-sharing platform that uses satellite communication to provide internet access, text messaging, phone calls, VOIP, video and audio conferencing as well as aerial surveillance. This airborne communication system was developed through Thuraya’s partnership with the Aero Group, a global consortium of established players with impeccable credentials, namely Cobham, SCOTTY Group, and SRT Wireless. Aero syncs seamlessly with Thuraya’s L-band network and provides an easy onboarding interface for various peripherals and sensors.

An ideal communication solution for low- to medium level and beyond line-of-sight (BLOS) flights, Aero delivers new and exciting capabilities for high-end applications such as search and rescue (SAR), ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance), office-in-the-sky, military missions and telemedicine. While providing high IP data speeds, the service is very affordable as it offers operational cost saving options.


Cutting-edge Technology for Critical Communications. Furthering business, relief, government, military and telemedicine operations

Aeronautical Communications

Strong Framework for Aeronautical Communications. Working with established partners to deliver dependable systems

Airborne Business

Connected Cabins for Airborne Business Ease. Enabling real-time monitoring with voice, data and video transmissions

Powering Next-Gen

Powering Next-Gen Airborne Satellite Communication. Game-changing communications technology for ISR, SAR, relief and BLOS missions

AERO Focus

Thuraya AERO MilitaryComms READ MORE
Thuraya AERO MilitaryComms

Thuraya Aero brings a robust solution to military missions in surveillance, special ops, border protection and more by enabling distant aircraftsto stay in constant touch with headquarters via satellite communication. Pilots, crew, troops, commanders, generals and other military personnel can now send and receive real-time support, instructions and information through the same military IP network and secure VPN used at headquarters. The system is easy to use: it comprises a high gain satellite antenna installed atop the aircraft fuselage or tail and an aeronautical satellite modem that can be connected to various peripheral devices, such as a Wi-Fi transceiver and IP telephone.

Medevac helicopters and air ambulances installed with Aero have enhanced capabilities to meet the needs of soldiers, as the system transmits vital signs data directly to medical centers and hospitals.

Thuraya AERO EnterpriseComms READ MORE
Thuraya AERO EnterpriseComms

Optimize your air travel time with Thuraya Aero which brings full IP satellite connectivity to your inflight experience. Aero’s airborne communication system is ideal for small- to medium aircrafts; it is easy to install and syncs with multiple peripheral devices, making office-in-the-sky a fully accessible reality. Additionally, the system is compact, works reliably in all kinds of weather and at any altitude, and offers customizations for low airtime costs.

Aero empowers business aviation with capabilities such as phone calls, text messaging, VOIP calls, video and audio conferencing, email and secure VPN web access. A VIP on board can be in constant control of business and personal dealings and can stay connected with anyone, anywhere, from the air. Simply use your smartphone and laptop to continue daily business activities with your team at home or close the deal with global partners via HD video conferencing, right from the comfort of your cabin.

Thuraya AERO GovernmentComms READ MORE
Thuraya AERO GovernmentComms

With Aero, aircrafts on government operations can rely on a compact, robust and secure airborne communication system that uses Thuraya’s extensive L-band satellite network to deliver unified connectivity in all kinds of weather and across distances. The system allows project leaders, flight crew, and ground and marine personnel to stay in-the-loop and exchange mission-critical information via HD video streams, video conferencing, phone calls, text messages, fleet tracking and more. Aero’s system is easy to install and can sync with a variety of equipment and peripherals that are specific to government-centric aviation missions.

Aero provides multiple applications for civil defense, search and rescue (SAR), firefighting, coast guard and land patrolling operations. A coast guard aircraft monitoring fishing waters is better equipped to prevent trawling or pollution activities via full Internet and vessel database access. SAR aircrafts are similarly poised to provide emergency airlifts and aid those in danger via seamless airborne connectivity with land and sea personnel. Aero can also be used to coordinate with ground and maritime resources to provide a common operational picture; these assets may be on terrestrial communications such as 3G or Wifi or could be using a Thuraya maritime or mobile terminal on satellite.


Successful Demonstration of Thuraya Aero Mobility to Government Customers

DO-160 Testing

Maiden flight five

Surveillance of an airport eight

Surveillance of a town seven

Surveillance of a factory