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Accessories Included in Rental:

1. AC Travel Charger with Intl. Plug Kit
2. Car Charger
3. Thuraya Prepay Tariff Booklet / Guide
4. Solar Charger (Optional, extra charges apply)

Call Charges:

1. Outgoing calls to all landline and mobile destinations around World: 1.49 US$
2. Outgoing to other satellite providers: 11.00 US$
3. SMS Charge (per 160-character message): 0.50 US$
4. Incoming calls/SMS: Free

Airtime Recharge Options:

1. Thuraya account can be recharged from anywhere over the internet using Credit Card.
2. Airtime recharge up to 20 units can be requested in case of Emergency by sending an SMS or calling our help line.

Terms/Initial Payment for connection:

1. Rental agreement with copy of CNIC/Passport
2. Security Deposit (Refundable): 750.00 US$ or 70,000.00 PKR
3. Pre-Loaded Airtime with Phone: 50 Units @ $ 1.25/unit (un-used units are refundable) or as per requirement.
4. Customer can buy additional units if required. (min 20 Units @ $ 25.00)

Rental Charges

Duration Charges PKR
Daily 1,200-
Weekly 7,000-
2 Weekly 12,500-
Monthly 22,000-

Corporate packages are available for NGO's and Multinational companies with discounted price. Please contact our sales team.


Mobile: +92-336-5523377 (10am - 9pm)

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